early entry, camp setup, start sign up for volunteer shifts.

Send us your event for listing.

Theme camps are being allocated space, reserve your space, thanks.


6-10 am Java the Hut, get ya caffeine fix, also tea,

hot chocolate.

Noon-3pm paint your pointer camp will decorate your tool.

1pm to 7pm add you touch to the art piece to be brought to Burning Man 2015

2-5pm open mic at the stage area.

7 pm community pot luck

9pm pre burn fire performance.

9:30 pm 'F or G'  Burn.

10 pm foam party


noon gates open, check in,  set up camp, move car to parking lot

2-4pm open mic at the stage area, all welcomed for stories, poetry, whatever

noon-6pmcreate the art piece to bring to Burning Man 2015

6-8pm juggling and fire performance planning and practice.

7pm community pot luck, bring something and share.

9 - 11pm Rocky Horror Picture Show cast 'In the Flesh' performlive

12pm show your videos on the 20 foot screen, bring your files in any form.

Tickets on sale now $65 for event includes entry, camping and Ice  call 813 732 2089 for tickets

Tickets $85 day of event, no day passes

Thursday June 25 early entry and set up

Friday, Saturday and Sunday June 26, 27, 28 Sunburnflorida Event

Monday June 29 Easy Exodus

About SunBurnFlorida

Sunburnflorida will follow all the guidelines, follow and promote to the 10 principles.  All proceeds will be used  for non profit purposes.  Every effort will be made to become  an approved and listed Burning Man event.   Our group loves Burning Man and is trying to bring the gifting society and self sufficiency experience to others.  My take on it is that this experience of living the 10 principals for an event will change the lives of participants and they will carry a new gentler way of life to the masses resulting in a friendlier world.
I saw this happen years ago when I worked with Buckminster Fuller, thru his hundreds of workshops and lectures the world was changed.
Thank you,   Hyker


7-11 am Java the Hut, get ya caffeine fix, tea, chocolate.

Open mic. times to be selected.

Noon to 6pm finish your part of the Burning Man 2015 art project, will be brought to the Playa.

4 - 6 pm wine and cheezy at the Ritz

7 pm community pot luck

9 pm pre burn fire performance, with juggling.

9:30 pm 'Burn on the water'.

11pm - whenever foam, music