Burning Man Luvs U

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Center Camp and Check In, this is where you get information, leave messages, get medical attention, yes and check in.  Also WiFi will be available.

Bubble's Pubic & Pee Pee Painting Station,  yes get your privates painted daily - we do love art.

Recycle Camp  this is where all plastic, cans, bottles etc are brought for recycling,  this is a leave no trace event you will be asked to take all trash out with you as are all Burning Man style events

Fuk King Firewater Bar  open daily various hours

Fire Camp     fire performance training, practice and safety, every one is welcomed to try playing with fire - safely

Java the Hut      early morning wake up coffee and hot drinks 6am to 10 am daily

The Ritz  wine and cheezy camp and poker walk station

Cuddlefish Dome   this camp has a 20 foot diameter dome filled with fluffy spaces for all to cuddle in.  meditative music and mood lighting complete the inner working of the fishes belly.

Theme Camps and Art